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introduce my self.

Shanmugavel Sankaran is a founder at FixNix.co. he has been bootstrapping the Reg-tech startup for more than half a decade.he started fixnix with an vision to dent the GRC work with the saas based a GRC products.

The aha moment happened during Ecommerce CISO stint when there was a discovery that there is no sub-$10,000 for the ISO 27001 certification compliance.

he has 10years experience in the security industry with heavyweights like microsoft,IBM

I owe my success, my name and everything I am to my parents and my family. They have not only supported me in every aspect of my risky journey, but have also believed in me at the lowest points of it.

When even I was scared to believe in myself, they did - and that's a huge thing to do.

Also, I am extremely grateful to my Nixers who have put in all their efforts to ensure that the startup does the best it can. They've nurtured FixNix and have watched it expand.

I owe them the biggest 'thank you' possible. So here it goes, a shout-out: THANK YOU Nixers!

What I do?


FreshGRC is the world’s 1st pure play SaaS-based GRC enterprise software for the SMEs, small-scale banks & companies in the growth markets at an affordable cost.

Predective Risk Analytics

FixNix Inc has built an intelligent decision support system (DSS) to help businesses take smarter decisions.

Regulatory Risk Datalake

The data lake concept takes advantage of commodity cluster computing techniques for massively scalable, low cost storage of data files in any format.

The best GRC is the FreshGRC for your industry

its time to cloudify your governance


About GRC.


Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management enables us to identify, assess, quantify, manage, and monitor enterprise risks in a highly streamlined, automated, and integrated manner. This also scales across the enterprise, capturing risk and control data, as well as risk assessment findings, losses, issues and remediation plans in a single, centralized system.

Regulatory Change Management

The Regulatory Change Management Software enables us to manage regulatory changes in the organization which may have an impact on the processes, risks, policies, and controls. It helps manage all obligations in an appropriate manner and support to fulfill all regulatory requirements.

Internal Audit Management

Internal Audit Management provides a range of internal audit activities, data, and processes in an integrated and unified manner. The module provides a streamlined and standardized internal audit lifecycle, minimizing redundancies and inconsistencies.


SOX compliance Management

The SOX compliance management module enables you to establish a comprehensive internal controls system that addresses Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements. It also provides the ability to define, test, and monitor internal controls based on multiple control frameworks.

Compliance Management

The Compliance Management System enables us to manage and automate compliance management processes. It also allows us to establish business context for compliance, identify and meet regulatory obligations, and implement compliance policies and standards. Our Compliance Management Solutions enable the standardizing of compliance and the control of processes

Policy Management

Having a robust policy and procedure management software solution in place helps you manage the whole policy implementation. By using FixNix Policy Management, Policy and procedures life-cycle can now be entirely managed and controlled. Any Policy or procedure can be drafted in an easy way and can be assigned to a specific group of users.


Business Continuity Management

The Business Continuity Management system supports the organization to manage business continuity needs in identifying the organization's risk of exposure to internal and external threats. It provides an integrated system to manage needs like analyzing the importance of Business Continuity risks, testing organization's Business Continuity plans and managing disaster recovery activities.

Case Management

The Case Management System enables clients to operate on several bundles of cases and help gather the right content and apply analytics for accurate decisions in order to take timely actions. It also provides real-time access to all the documents, structured and un-structured data.

Vendor and Third-Party Risk Management

The Vendor risk Management system allows clients to securely expand the organization's network of Third Party Vendors. It also gives us the ability to identify, assess and manage vendor risk exposure from TPS's ( Third Party Suppliers). This provides a real time vision of vendor risks, thus enabling the organization to make better decisions.


Incident Management

The Incident management System enables organizations to identify and manage every kind of incident , those related to IT like compliance issues , risks, vulnerabilities and other physical events like accidents, environment and safety incidents.

IT Risk Management

The IT Risk Management System helps the organization to identify, assess, evaluate and mitigate IT Risks more efficiently. It supports IT managers to cut down the economic and operational costs involved in identifying the system's vulnerability to the risk and threat.

IT Compliance Management

The IT Compliance Management System provides easy management of some of the biggest IT Compliance challenges and an effective maintenance of standards and guidelines. It also provides an effective and streamlined management of IT Compliance processes.


Supplier Quality Audit Management

The Supplier Quality Audit Management System provides a scalable system to manage supplier records with quality assurance details. It also provides a real-time view of supplier quality data with quality trend analytics to monitor supplier performance. It helps to maintain supplier profiles and other information.

Operational Audit Management

The Operational Audit Management System enables organizations to assess the quality, efficiency of internal systems and processes across operations. The module supports security and multiple other audits. The Operational Audit Management also supports to enhance the productivity.

Inspections Management

The Inspections Management System enables clients to manage inspection data in a secure and centralized system. This streamlines all inspection-related tasks and helps produce results. It also aids in standardizing the inspection reporting process.


Product Compliance Management

The Product Compliance Management System enables the effective management of compliance with product regulations. It helps integrate all the data on the product, suppliers, testing labs, and compliance teams.

Environmental Management

The Environment Management Module enables the management of environmental programs in a more comprehensive and streamlined way. It includes processes like carbon emission management, waste management and reduction, oil and chemical leaks etc., It also gives us the ability to analyze the organization's environmental impacts and its carbon footprints.

Training Management

The Training Management system enables clients to manage the organization's entire training operations. It can be used to plan, implement and access course contents. It helps to create course content and also to monitor user participation. It provides options to assign modules to specific groups, send alerts, and real-time tracking of course performance.


Social Media Risk Management

The Social Media Risk Management System enables clients to monitor, assess and mitigate social media risks. It also helps manage a repository of unstructured social media data from multiple sources. The data from every source is used to assess the risk level by using analytics and provide reports to take timely remedial measures.

Asset Management

With FixNix's Asset Management system, you can manage and control every asset across your organization. Monitor all contracts and software licenses in a single place. Enjoy seamless user experience and leave the traditional ways behind. FixNix's Asset Management Services allows you to scan assets as well as add assets to the web console.

Whistle Blower’s

A person working in an organization reports the organization’s misconduct is called a whistle blower. FixNix's Whistle Blower’s goal is to provide you with a simple way to report activities that may involve misconduct or violations of your organization.

Our GRC products can suite up Industries and organizations of any type

Our FreshGRC product aims to democratize the GRC industry as a cost effective alternative to most GRC products. An automated GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) platform like ours, will make it easy to adopt, approach and automate the process flow of compliance. Our GRC solution helps organization in practicing Compliance as a culture, with improved productivity, better process, detect variances, fix gaps, proactive measures and avoid paying fines and reputation impacts.